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Video Campaign Planning

Video can be great at engaging people who are bored with traditional advertising, but success isn’t guaranteed.

Planning a successful video marketing campaign?


Before launching a new video campaign, we always revisit your company’s wider objectives as well taking a close look at your customers. And that’s just the beginning.


  1. Who are you trying to reach?
    This one might seem obvious, but it’s always worth taking a step back and asking just how well you know your target audience. It’s always best to divide them into sub categories, or persona types – all of whom may have different reasons for spending time watching your content, or want to get different things out of it.
  2. How and when should you reach them?
    We’ll take an in-depth look at how the different persona types within your audience interact and make decisions, as well as their communication preferences. We’ll use this understanding to create a targeted approach for each persona, moving them along the customer journey and towards the desired outcome.
  3. How will you make sure they see it?
    It’s no good making fabulous, audience-appropriate videos if no one sees them. We’ll think about video distribution – having a scheduled plan to circulate your content via the right websites, blogs, influencers and social media. We might look at video advertising, and identify the best channels and keywords. And might optimise your content for YouTube, ensuring that people find your video when they enter the relevant keywords.
    How will you move them through the funnel?
    A successful video campaign won’t just target the people right at the top of the marketing funnel – it will guide them through their journey with you and lead them right up to purchase. We tailor online video content for each stage of the funnel, offering prospective purchasers everything from general how-to videos to more personalised, in-depth content.
Ready to create a targeted approach that gets you the outcomes you want?