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Ugli Campus

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Ugli Campus

The Ugli Campus is a collaboration between the JP Creative, TCN UK and the BBC. The 60,000 sq ft (6,000 sqm) campus is built on the premise that businesses in the current economic climate would thrive as a community. This innovative creative campus is now home to more than 55 companies.

Ugli asked us to collaborate with them to create a dynamic piece that would capture the spirit, collaboration and energy within the building.

Initially aimed at investors, new businesses and like minds the video has already had enormous impact – the building is now at full capacity and plans are already underway to create a new sister building within another BBC property.

The project was also used to support Ugli’s successful bid campaigns: H&F Brilliant Business Awards and Best Business in Shepherd’s Bush.


Ugli Campus | JPC


2D Animation, Corporate