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Puma Olympics

PW12 / Puma Olympics

Puma Olympics

Puma brought a little piece (well, almost 500,000 sq ft.) of Jamaica to the heart of East London for the duration of the London Olympics.The night sold out and Jamaican superstars Shelly-Ann Fraser, Yohan Blake and main man Usain Bolt all came down to join the party.

Puma asked us to create a buzz around the Puma Yard event by producing real time content to trend across social media platforms. By producing content on the button we generated an online brand experience for brand advocates and fans across the globe. Our camera crew, editors and social media experts worked effortlessly making sure we were able to capture, edit and upload footage in record times. With all the footage captured, we also created a short promotion video for the marketing team to use for further promotional endeavours…..it would have been rude not to!






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