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Provok Developments

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Provok Developments

Provok are a global technology company aimed at bringing to market a truly innovative tablet brand. Their approach consists of combining innovative software and cutting-edge technologies with modern and elegant designs to produce exclusive products. They have head offices in Casablanca, Morocco, a design team in London, and engineering in Taiwan.

Provok the company behind the ISON- the first tablet with a built in projector and laser keyboard, asked us to create a video, to showcase their latest concept to investors and the general public. Our solution was to create a product demo, which highlighted the tablets functionality and streamline design. As the tablet had yet to be manufactured, we built the design in a 3D space so one of our whizzes could produce the animation.

The video received over 10,000 views in 2 weeks.


Provok Developments


3D Animation, Marketing and Advertising