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We’ve moved!

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We’ve moved!

Hello, welcome to the first blog on our new site from our new offices.

We’re excited to announce we’ve moved a huge distance, a whole 0.3 miles to be exact.

Our postcode (zone) remains the same (critical for a company whose origins are clearly evident in its name) but everything is a whole lot….well more.

  • More room for existing and future team members
  • More breakout areas for informal meetings and downtime (even has a meditation room and baby creche)
  • VR and AR Lab
  • Neighbours include BBC, ITV and several leading digital hubs– not bad to have when you’re in the content creation space.
  • Flexibility to react to projects large and small

This space meets our immediate and long term needs as an agency; we remain nimble and service our existing clients and continue our journey as we grow and prepare for the future. - Nic Papadopoulos, Head of Production

Even though we are excited and have more comfort to work, play and make coffee what we are most excited about is the space we have to grow. We have big plans and this space suits our ambition perfectly.

Luckily, we found a location that was only one minute down the road from our old office, so no change in the commute for our staff or our clients.

Here are the important lessons we learnt in the process of moving:

  • It goes without saying that moving office is a real pain, but a great way to bond.
  • If you have custom artwork on your walls (bespoke work by the talented Graffiti Life) it is heartbreaking not to be able to bring it with you.
  • Make sure everything is packed securely – nothing worse than a surprise box which formerly housed your monitor.
  • Phone systems are a nightmare
  • Use the move as an opportunity to do a little house keeping – even if your office triples in size. We had a bin dedicated to all sorts of unwanted clutter.
  • A change in space and environment is good for re-energising, motivating and focusing the mind.

It wasn’t all roses but the process has made us a better business. Not only are we preparing for the future we have an environment that allows us to enjoy the present.

…and we want to share this, so if you fancy joining us for our regular drinks sessions on a Thursday, or you want to talk shop, please drop us a line

Sam Pierce

Sam helps brands tell their stories and connect with their audience on a variety of channels. She's a former Brand Manager who has worked across planning, PR and inbound for both B2C and B2B businesses. She is an avid reader of fiction and anything brand orientated and has yet been able to convince David Beckham to marry her.

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